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Order of the Crown

The Order of the Crown is an Order of Belgium which was first created in the year 1897. The Order was created under the authority of Léopold II of Belgium and was originally intended to denote heroic deeds and service achieved while serving in the Congo Free State. In 1908, the Order of the Crown was made a national decoration of Belgium, junior to the Order of Léopold and awarded for any service to the Belgian state.

The Order of the Crown is also eligible for bestowal to foreign nationals and is frequently awarded to military and diplomatic personnel of other countries stationed in Belgium. During the Second World War, the Order of the Crown was extensively authorized to Allied military personnel who had helped to liberate Belgium from Nazi Germany occupation.  It can be awarded with swords for combat action and with palms for mentions in dispatches.  The medal is usually awarded for long service to Belgium with military officers usually receiving the grade of  Knight after 15 years of service.

The Badge of the Order is a white-enamelled "Maltese Asterisk" (for want of a better description - see Maltese Cross) with straight rays, in silver for the Knight class and in gold for the higher classes. The obverse central disc has a crown on a blue enamel background; the reverse central disc has the face-to-face monogram "L" (for King Léopold II) on a blue enamel background. The badge is suspended on a green-enamelled wreath of laurel and oak leaves.

The Star of the Order is a ten-pointed star of alternate golden straight rays and silver faceted rays for the Grand Cordon class, and a silver faceted "Maltese Asterisk" with golden straight rays between the arms for the Grand Officer class. Both stars have the obverse of the badge, minus the wreath suspension, at the centre.

The Ribbon of the Order is plain maroon.

 The Order is awarded in five grades:

Grand Cross
Grand Officer



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Order of the Crown