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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Medal for the Liberation of Kuwait

This medal was awarded for participation in, or in support of the 'Gulf War' (Operation Desert Storm 1990-92). It was authorized for wear on the US Uniform in 1992.

Shown here are both the US manufactured and the Saudi manufactured medals.  The US medal is differentiated by the crimped brooch and the differing material of the ribbon.  The US ribbon is the typical nylon silk, while the Saudi medal seems to be made of another silk-like material.  The Saudi medal also uses the French style dual pins instead of the American brooch. 

The Saudi medal was originally presented to US troops in 1991 in a green presentation box.  The box has the seal of the Saudi Royal Family and the text 'Kingdom of Saudi Arabia' in both Arabic and English.

The box interior has a depression for both the medal and ribbon bar.

Ribbon bar obverse with Palm Tree Attachment
Saudi Presentation box

Ribbon bar reverse


Foster, Frank and Lawrence Borts.  US Military Medals 1939 to Present.MOA Press, 3rd Edition, 1995.
ISBN: 1-884452-13-12


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Liberation of Kuwait Medal- US manufactured
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Liberation of Kuwait Medal- US manufactured
Liberation of Kuwait Medal- Saudi manufactured
Liberation of Kuwait Medal- Saudi manufactured